As all marketing and design professionals know, good content and presentation is vital in reaching your audience. But when it comes to presenting information about ourselves, it’s easy to forget the golden rules of good communication. Our recruitment consultants see hundreds of CVs every week so we’ve compiled their top tips to help you spruce up your CV this spring.

Focus Your Achievements

Don’t try to show everything; focus on the bits of your career history which you’re proud of and illustrate the value you can add to a business.

Tailor It

Tailor your CV for different roles you are applying for, focus on the elements of your experience that are suitable for that role. It may be time consuming but it will pay-off.

Declutter Your Content

As we progress through our career, our goals change. Keep on top of this and take out information that is no longer relevant. For example, delete irrelevant roles or group them together in an ‘additional experience’ section to take up less room.

Prioritise Your Education

If you’re a graduate, your degree eclipses your school qualifications, which can be relegated to one line in most cases. Recent training and upskilling might even be more relevant than a degree in some cases.

Take A Fresh Look

Try to look at your CV through the eyes of a HR or Marketing Manager: does it clearly communicate why you are perfect for the role you’re applying for?

Word Up

Choose the language you use very carefully. Strong, positive vocabulary can make a powerful impression and help your enthusiasm shine through. Avoid clichés at all costs. Numbers, facts and results all add clout to a CV and can really make it stand out. Remember, sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it.
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