If you’ve never used a recruiter before to assist you in finding your new role, it’s only natural to have a number of questions about the relationship. Here are some tips on getting the best out of the partnership.

Assess Yourself

In addition to knowing what type of job you want it’s also important to assess the minor details. Do you like to work in a team? Do you prefer an open office environment? What type of management style do you respond best to? Knowing exactly what you want out of a job and employer will not only help your recruiter to narrow down the suitable positions for you, but will also impress them.

At Ease

As you will already have assessed what you want from a job and an employer you will be able to answer any recruiter questions with ease and come across as confident and prepared. You will also be set to ask questions about any potential employer and their working environment and cultures which will once again only impress a recruiter.

Be Open Minded

Even though you have the ideal job in your mind be open to other suggestions from your recruiter. Often people can be focussed on salary or pre-determined criteria but a recruiter can often see other opportunities that might be a better fit for your personality and experience.

Recruiters aren’t only looking for talented people, but people who have confidence and know themselves and what they want to achieve in their career. Be prepared just as you would with a direct employer and this will help set you apart from the hundreds of other candidates that recruiters deal with weekly.