At Blue Skies we have a team dedicated purely to Freelance.

We understand that recruiting Freelance requires a specialist team of consultants who have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and can offer you an efficient service supported by years of experience. Our dedicated freelance team covers clientside, creative and temporary contracts.

Our Freelance section of the Blue Skies team is fully established, having been part of the business since we began over 16-years ago. Many of our Freelancers work solely with Blue Skies due to the unrivalled service we offer. There are a number of benefits working with Blue Skies, aside from the fact that we work with an array of companies, ranging from SMEs, FTSE 100 companies to some of the most aspirational agencies in the UK. We have a 14 day payment plan, which means you are paid quickly and hassle-free.

If you are not currently a freelancer but wanted to find out some more about the benefits of the freelance world, look no further and call one of our freelance team today. Freelance can offer you flexibility in your time and your work load. It allows you to build a diverse portfolio, giving you exposure to an array of sectors and industries allowing you to make contacts along the way.


Leading roles exclusive to Blue Skies