Although the idea of working for free makes most freelancers fume it would seem that some still do, with recent research finding that during 2016 at least 9 per cent agreed to do just that.

It is predominantly the creative industry that is asked to work for free with Graphic Designers  near the top of that list with 85% of those surveyed being asked to use their skills for ‘exposure’ over the past five years.

% of creatives asked to work for free in 2016

Photographers 87%
Graphic Designers 85%
Illustrators 81%
Front-End Developers 74%
Back-End Developers 71%

Of those agreeing to work for free most stated that they made the decision based on the experience they would gain from that work, and the under-25s are more likely to agree to free work for this very reason.

Whilst working for free may seem tempting if you have no work, do make sure that you are being rewarded with glowing testimonials and ask to be recommended to their colleagues, friends or family for some paid work (you aren’t a charity!) Finally, make sure that the work you offer to do is something you would want to put in your portfolio so that you are adding to your showcase of work to enable you to go out there and get paid for your talents.

Source: Creative Bloq