Many companies think that they have to be lavish with employee benefits in order to seem generous and to help attract new talent by appearing to be a popular place to work. Recent data shows however that you don’t have to spend big in order to please your employees. Most of the time people don’t want things that will make work more fun, but those things that will make it easier and more comfortable.

The key to creating a great benefits package is recognising what your employees want. Some of the most desirable benefits won’t necessarily be the most expensive, instead they are ones that make an employee feel as though they are saving money, and especially if it’s on things they would pay for by working for your company.

The top three benefits employees want at work are:

1. Flexible or remote working
2. Gym membership
3. Food/lunches


People can feel guilty about paying for a gym membership and then not use it, but because it has been given to us by our employer the guilt is reduced. This is why employees tend to prefer this type of benefit, as they won’t feel guilty about missing that gym session or having a more extravagant lunch when they’re paid for already.


A lot of organisations like to install games areas as they make a company look fun. More often than not they only get used by the same handful of people, so are actually only a perk to a small group of employees and they certainly don’t make anyone work any better than offering a more lenient break policy would. Think about what benefits all employees, rather than just a handful.

Employees want benefits so they can feel valued, that give them what they need day-to-day. So, next time you’re planning that company day out, maybe you could reconsider and just offer some free car parking instead.