Private to Public – making the move


Having specialised in recruiting across the Not for Profit sector for nearly 8 years now, I have seen an increasing need for commercial marketers as the industry shifts and becomes more competitive.

My clients are typically charities fighting for their share of the charity wallet, with funding being squeezed more than ever; educational institutions competing for student enrolment or membership organisations focussed on the retention and acquisition of members, as well as promoting their products and services, so it makes sense that they’ll benefit from commercially savvy marketing talent with both B2B and consumer focussed experience.

So how easy is it to make the transition from commercial to not for profit?

It has its challenges. Whilst we all know that marketing skills are transferable; with …

Life as a PR unicorn


It is no secret that opportunities for PR candidates are plentiful, yet finding great PR’s is a tricky task. Red hot PR’s are certainly in demand.

Being a PR candidate in this candidate scarce period is a good place to be, but with so many options to consider, it can make your job search a daunting process. Candidates ask me on a daily basis, where do I start? Here’s what I tell them…

Don’t dilute your presence

Too many people make the mistake of approaching every recruiter under the sun and blanket sending their CV to every agency/company in the region. You are hot property so play it cool! You don’t want to be the name everyone is talking about because your CV has landed …

Will you take a jobbymoon?


Everyone has heard of the honeymoon, most will know about the more recent reason for a holiday the babymoon, but have you heard of the new kid on the block the jobbymoon?

The jobbymoon is basically taking a holiday after leaving a job and before you start the new one. We’re certain a lot of people will have eyes rolling and branding it as just an excuse for yet another holiday, and that’s fair because who doesn’t like finding a reason to take time off? However, the purpose of the jobbymoon is not just to kick back and go wild for a week, but to actually have some downtime and set yourself some goals before the typical routine of the working life starts once again.

Taking …

The marketing marathon


Now that I have fully recovered from my first ultra-marathon I’ve found myself thinking about how running one is like marketing.

I love running and helping to support other women achieve their running goals. I love my job and helping our fabulous candidates to secure their perfect job in marketing. But how is running a race like implementing a marketing plan?

Running a race is not an isolated activity, neither is marketing

When you run a marathon it is about more than just running, you train for months in the lead up to it. Implementing different training sessions, thinking about your nutrition and fuelling, testing your kit and planning for different weather conditions and thinking about your recovery. Marketing is not an isolated activity either, it is made up …

Is there a difference between B2B and B2C marketing?


An interesting question and one that I often contemplate when taking job briefs from my clients within the B2C sector.  They always seem convinced that they need someone from a B2C background; but why?  I try to challenge as often as I can.  This opens up the brief and the market.  Who said that B2B marketers can’t be creative and don’t understand the end consumer?  After all, they are consumers themselves.

I read an interesting article on this by Tom Pepper; Director at LinkedIn Marketing Services for the UK.  In this he said; “You would be mistaken to think that feelings and emotions are not as high a priority for B2B brands. I would actually argue that they are even more important. After all, buying …

Personalisation in B2B marketing


How often do you open an email and within 10 seconds hit the delete button? What makes you do that without giving the email a chance?

As a consumer or reader I know almost automatically whether an email is worth a read and very often this comes down to whether it feels ‘personal’. If it looks or sounds too generic or irrelevant I won’t usually get much further than the first paragraph. This is increasingly important for those operating in B2B marketing.

Businesses are targeting other businesses whether to sell a product or service to them. When a potential consumer enters their website, opens their brochure or browses through their social media this is their chance to hook them in. To do this the consumer …

The Diversity Issue

In the last few years a large number of companies have adapted their advertising strategies to be more inclusive of minority groups, however there is still some way to go and many brands are still criticised for failing to represent the diversity of life in Britain.

Many think, including marketers themselves, that this could be due to marketing teams not being representative of these minority groups, meaning that their marketing output is not reflective of society. Marketing teams report that there is a distinct lack of employees with physical or mental disabilities within their teams, and even fewer LGBTQ people and people of ethnic minority.

Over the last 10 years many marketers feel that their brand, or brands that they work on, have become more diverse, with …

Is the CV dead?


The CV, or some form of it, was first invented over five hundred years ago by Leonardo  Da Vinci, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that it became an expected item during the employment process. However, in 2018 businesses are beginning to opt for more digitally focussed ways of analysing candidates. Is the CV now an old-fashioned, outdated way of getting your experience across to prospective employers?

Everyone knows that these days’ companies are looking for that cultural fit, that person that will slot in to their team with ease. Sure your previous experience is important, but all of that is useless if you don’t gel with the team and get the most out of your skillset. As much as the CV is still a …

How decorative is your office?

tattoo discrimination

It wasn’t that long ago that the thought of turning up to an interview brandishing some form of body decoration, be it a tattoo or piercing, was a big no for fear of being immediately rejected. Hiring attitudes are shifting however, but if you are still in the mindset that they don’t belong in the workplace you may want to reconsider, as you could be missing out on some of the best talent around.

Everyone knows that image plays a role in the hiring process, most commonly with how a candidate arrives dressed for an interview, and a recent LinkedIn survey amongst recruiters and hiring managers found that 88% of those claimed that having a tattoo could limit someone’s career progression, with a staggering 41% …

Two of the fastest growing industries in the UK in 2018


Technology and Financial Services are two of the fastest growing industries in the UK and set to continue to grow as we make our way through 2018.  In 2017 British technology companies attracted more venture capital funding than any other European Country.

What are the reasons for this?

Firstly, with the steady increase in cyber-crime, there is the increased need for the kind of technology to tackle this growing problem. Cyber-crime can happen to almost any business, with most companies now holding personal, company and customer or consumer data. Whether operating within the B2B, B2C or Not for Profit sectors, whether private or public, all companies and organisations will hold personal data that needs to be protected and is at risk from cyber-crime. With this …

Get ready for the World Cup

world cup banner

In case you aren’t aware, football fever will shortly be upon us once again and distractions in the workplace can’t be avoided. Flexibility from employers during this time can help to prevent ‘sick days’ and keep an engaged team.

The World Cup is taking place in Russia from Thursday 14th June until Sunday 15th July, with some kick-offs scheduled during the working day. Having an agreement in place before it starts and having a flexible approach to the working day is vital to keeping business productive and employees happy. Below are things to consider which could help make the tournament as pain free as possible.


You could agree to employees starting their day earlier or finishing early and arranging when this time can be made up. You may also …

The gender pay gap issue


All the hype around the gender pay gap debate has culminated in, what I guess most people suspected would be the case, the realisation that women are paid on average less than their male counterparts in a large majority of UK businesses.

This has become a huge issue for some of the country’s most iconic brands who could potentially be hit with criticism from their loyal customers. The social media backlash has already been huge for companies like L’Oreal, who market primarily to women, reportedly coming out second from the bottom of the ‘gender pay gap’ table with a gap upwards of 30% in favour of men.

Agencies and companies alike have, by law, had to file their gender pay gap reports if they employ …

The benefits of an exit interview


Finding out the reasons behind someone’s decision to leave their job can be key to solving many issues within the workplace.

An exit interview doesn’t need to be a formal affair, with a list of questions that the employee needs to have answered before they are released from their contract. A simple informal chat is all that is required, with the intention of not only finding out what areas the company needs to focus on developing, but also to leave the exiting employee with a good impression of the company. After all the reason they might be leaving could be for salary or re-location and not because of their working environment.

Establishing the reasons behind someone leaving will enable you to fix any problems that …

The Google Human Project


Six months ago, Google changed its algorithm which affected how websites could climb the search engine page to achieve that illusive top spot. Gone are the days of just having to understand code and algorithms to get to the top. Google wanted a more authentic experience for its users, a human experience.

When someone now looks for content online, instead of looking for keywords used in the search, the new Google algorithm now looks for great content in relation to the search query. It’s not just about how technically brilliant a website is anymore (although there is still a need for a website to be technically awesome!) The focus now is about quality, up-to-date and relevant content. Websites written with great content will get a …

The case for neurodiversity


The need for diversity within businesses and teams has been a discussion point for a while now, however there is an invisible condition, which despite one in ten people having some form of, is often not considered. Neurodiversity.

There is a staggering pool of untapped talent waiting to be found and given the opportunity to develop their skillsets. Statistics show that 40% of disabled people are now in employment, yet only 32% of individuals with a neurodiverse condition, most commonly autism, are employed.

One of the main difficulties that people with neurodiversity have is that employers have preconceived ideas about how they would, or would not, fit into their business and that uncertainty, and the stereotyping that comes with the condition, effects people’s views on …

The future of video interviewing

video interview

The question has been asked recently whether the recent surge in virtual interviewing will eventually signal the end of the face-to-face interview?

We believe that traditional interview processes aren’t going away any time soon and still have a very important place in the recruitment process, however, the time and cost-saving benefits of interviewing someone via video and its ability to transcend geographical barriers are a real benefit in the current market place to both recruiters and candidates.

Research from job board Monster, found that almost half of respondents use video interviews as part of the selection process, demonstrating that the technology has been embraced more than we thought and isn’t now for tech innovators only. A minority of recruiters (7%) do not use any form …

Advice for the graduating candidate


As I opened up facebook on what was a relatively chilled Sunday afternoon this weekend, I suddenly felt highly grateful for the stress free day I’d been having when Facebook Time-Hop presented me with a photo from ‘3 years ago today’. Captured on camera was my exasperated face as a final year student, sat cross legged on my broken student bed, surrounded by books, post it notes and lots of multi-coloured pens. About to embark on my final chapter as a student, I was juggling preparing for finals with job applications and feeling totally terrified about leaving my comfort blanket of student-ville.

All of this got me thinking about the advice I’d give to today’s final year students hoping to enter the wonderful world of …

Internship Laws


A crackdown on unpaid internships has been launched by the Government, with warning letters sent out to companies taking advantage of this ‘free’ labour  and even going so far as to set up enforcement teams to tackle the repeat offenders. Guidance will also be issued to employers informing them that should they take on interns they are legally obliged to pay at least the national minimum wage.

Just because a job description uses words such as ‘intern’ or ‘work experience’ does not mean that the position can be unpaid. Under UK employment law an intern is considered a worker, who is entitled to receive the national minimum wage if the position meets the following criteria:

You are asked to commit to specific hours of work …

Do you balance work and fitness?


Despite a lot of people having gym membership (or an equivalent fitness allowance) as a work benefit, a recent survey has found that 31.6% of people only exercise once or twice a week with 24% not doing any at all. Exercise not only improves overall health, but is proven to help mental health and increase general happiness levels, which in turn improves working lives and day-to-day productivity. Why aren’t more people making use of these benefits?

It may be that your employer doesn’t offer this as a benefit. If this is the case why don’t you make the proposal that they could? Speak with colleagues to gather support and offer the case that the employer will themselves benefit from a healthier workforce.

Are work hours …

Keeping remote employees engaged

video interview

Flexible working has become common practice in many businesses these days, and as much as it may suit both the employee and employer for people to work remotely from home, it is important to remember that just because you can’t see them they are part of the team.

Often remote workers can feel isolated and undervalued in comparison to their on-site colleagues and not as involved in decision making processes. Feelings of underappreciation will only lead to morale issues, which in turn lead to problems with productivity which can cause issues down the line with staff retention.

The solution is quite simple and one which we always strive to be the best at – communication. Everyone knows that communication between colleagues is key to a …