2020 vision - B2C market review

Posted: January 23, 2020

As a specialist marketing recruiter with 10 years of experience working in the B2C sector, I get first-hand insight from my clients and candidates and have seen the market changes over the past year.

Once again, it has been a year all about the growth of digital channels and subsequently, digital roles. Lots of organisations are shifting their budgets and focusing more specifically on their digital channels. We’ve seen a real surge in paid search opportunities along with CRM and analytical insight and pure social media specialist roles. Organisations have continued to recognise the importance of understanding who their customers are and what makes them engage and drive them to purchase or interact.

Brexit and the economic uncertainty have undoubtedly had an impact on our clients, especially in terms of investment into marketing and growing their teams. We have seen some clients use this period of uncertainty to restructure their teams and move people around or unfortunately, out of the business.

The candidate market has been very challenging, with the economic precariousness further impacting candidate scarcity, so clients and recruiters have had a much smaller talent pool to match roles to and the most impressive candidates have been snapped up quickly. Additionally, it has been difficult to get in contact with candidates, who are perhaps of the opinion that it is safer to stay where they are until the economic uncertainty settles somewhat. Reasons for candidates exploring the market have often been focused on a requirement for a better work-life balance and flexible working, along with candidates seeking stronger benefit packages with the level of pension contribution being a serious contender now.

A regular frustration from many candidates spoken to has been the speed of recruitment processes and the number of stages that clients have introduced with testing and presentations. Where possible, we will always try to advise clients on best practice and how important time to hire is within this market. There is a feeling from candidates that when they apply for roles directly, their CV’s enter a black hole, never to be reviewed. As a specialist recruitment agency, we can add so much more value here by ensuring that applications get through to the right hiring managers and then ensure that feedback is received.

Looking ahead, 2020 should be fairly similar to 2019. Undoubtedly, digital roles will continue to be a primary focus, with the specialist channels becoming more and more important. With the general election over and Brexit supposedly happening soon, the economy will continue to be challenging until we fully understand the impact of leaving the EU. Flexible working will continue to be a huge topic, along with workplace diversity and the pay divide featuring quite heavily; companies will need to compete on all these factors in order to attract the best talent.

Working closely with a specialist recruiter who has contact with the candidate marketplace and relevant insight, will be invaluable. If you are looking to grow, and would like our help, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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