The CV, or some form of it, was first invented over five hundred years ago by Leonardo  Da Vinci, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that it became an expected item during the employment process. However, in 2018 businesses are beginning to opt for more digitally focussed ways of analysing candidates. Is the CV now an old-fashioned, outdated way of getting your experience across to prospective employers?

Everyone knows that these days’ companies are looking for that cultural fit, that person that will slot in to their team with ease. Sure your previous experience is important, but all of that is useless if you don’t gel with the team and get the most out of your skillset. As much as the CV is still a piece of the recruitment process, employers are now looking to new methods in order to pull out the skills that potential employees may have, skills that cannot be established by simply looking through a CV.

Companies are making giant leaps forward with this type of recruitment. Some have begun to use Al to match graduates with the ‘best role’ for them within their business, whilst others are opting for video to assist in finding their newest team member. Some have even regressed back to that ‘old fashioned’ method of  meeting people, holding speed dating type careers evenings to learn more about a candidate’s personality.

With the recent introduction of Blueskies LIVE we have updated our business to reflect these changing times, assisting hiring managers to get a better insight into their shortlisted candidates. Allowing them to view a CV alongside a video of pre-recorded questions, a presentation, or whatever the client has requested they have as supporting evidence of a candidate’s experience and perhaps a demonstration of their enthusiasm and passion.

Consider then that you may have to do a little more these days to get that job than just sending your CV and attending an interview. These days you may have to work that little bit harder.


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