We have always known digital was on the rise, but I don’t think anyone of us could have predicted this avalanche.
Retail has been projected out of high street onto the web to survive, communication tools have changed dramatically as we all adapt to talking into cameras all day every day. New entertainment content has been created in isolation with producers turning to podcasts rather than TV. 
For professionals in the market, it’s brought mixed feelings; my network has been divided between excitement and fear. Although I understand both perspectives, in the words of the mighty Yoda;
"fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate to suffering!” 
So, let’s kick fear to the curb together… here are my top three suggestions to gaining confidence in the face of change. 
  1. Revisit your successes – if you are going for interviews you will undoubtedly be asked about your success stories. Now is a good time to look back and pull out some career highlights and create case studies to promote them. Remember to include what the original brief was, if there were any special challenges you over came and what the results were. 
  2. Hit the books – if there are skills you don’t have, don’t worry. Things are changing at such a pace you are not alone, but you will be if you don’t take advantage of this time to pick up a new digital skill. After Effects. Premier Pro, digital design, web development – all these skills can be learned from the safety of your own home at your own time (with no horrible ice breaker activities!) 
  3. Absorb thought provoking content – skip the news and take time to listen to a podcast or read an article. We are all finding our way in this new world and there are plenty of people sharing their experiences, all we need to do is listen. 
If you would like more information on digital creative trends and what the current market looks like, give me a call – I am always happy to talk. 


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