The Marketing and Creative job market is booming, the candidates in the market place have an abundance of opportunities to choose from and some big increases in salary's to attract them. 

More jobs than skilled candidates across many areas.

Marketing executives for example are in high demand, many of our clients need to increase their capacity as workloads increase. Applications for these roles have slowed down verses previous years and we are having to innovate around candidate acquisition to offer our client more proactive choices. 

Initially we thought it was appetite to risk that was causing the applicant slow down, it seemed that employees didn’t feel confident enough to move jobs, during the pandemic. We were expecting confidence to return as we adjust to the new normal. However, LinkedIn searches are highlighting another factor, a significant number of marketers and creatives have moved jobs in the past year already and are now not open to new opportunities. Those that were made redundant have found new jobs, the mass moves have forced a mass stop.

Job seekers in the market now have multiple opportunities to apply for and can be faced with more than one offer at a time. As great as this sounds, it can be a tricky situation for all involved.

How do you decide between two employers? 

Factors such as the interview process are really important, your first impressions of the line manager will have a significant impact and how you’ve been treated in the process will inform your decision. With many businesses offering hybrid working to varying degrees, this is no longer a differentiating factor. So then it comes down to salary… 

How much can the employer afford to pay to get the talent they need?

The bigger the budget the more likely they are to secure the win. This is creating a problem for some businesses, they either don’t have the capacity or the flexibility in their salary structure to enter a bidding war.  

There are a few options here,

  • Offer a starting bonus for successful completion of probation
  • Consider a performance incentive
  • Modified working hours, perhaps offering a shortened week so they work slightly less hours for the same money. 
  • Competitive flexible working offering - check with your consultant, what will help you stand out. 

This situation isn't going to change anytime soon. 

Our recent LinkedIn poll certainly suggests salary is a higher priority than it was when we surveyed candidates in 2019 - now neck and neck with flexibility! 

The cost of living is set to rise this year, The Resolution Foundation predicts higher energy bills, stagnant wages and tax rises could leave households with a £1,200 a year hit to their incomes. With this in mind we think salary increases will become the norm and this year we will see significant growth in average salaries for the first time for about five years. 

If you are considering growing your Marketing or Creative team this year get in touch with your blueskies consultant get the latest information on salaries and candidate motivators.  



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