Content ideas for marketers using July awareness days

Sometimes it can be the bane of a marketing manager’s life trying to come up with enough content for the month to keep your social media engaging, relevant and adding value to your audience.

And while using awareness days in your content can sometimes feel cheesy or incongruous. There are plenty of ways to use them in a way that really engages your audience and feels relevant to your brand.


Here are a few ideas for using July awareness days to create content for your business.


1. International Plastic Bag Free Day – 3rd July

If you’ve got a sustainability programme this is a great day to talk to your audience about it. Are you a paper free office? Do you plant a tree for every sale? Are you big on recycling? Today’s your chance to open up about your passion for sustainability.

Or you could set a challenge to your colleagues and your audience to give plastic a miss for 24 hours – or even the whole week! You could report back afterwards and let people know how you coped!


2. Tell the Truth Day – 7th July

Tell the truth day is a great opportunity to dispel some myths about your industry. Choose a couple of common misconceptions about the sector you’re working in and tell your audience the truth of the situation.

For example, a commonly held myth about marketing is that they’re the colouring in department – sprinkling a bit of magic on PowerPoint presentations and putting up decorations at the office party.

The truth is, marketing is one of the most powerful tools of a business, aligned with sales to generate leads, aligned with the customers to create frictionless customer experiences, and aligned with business goals to make sure the brand communicates its purpose clearly.


3. World Youth Skills Day – 15th July

If you’ve got an apprenticeship, kickstart or intern scheme at your company, world youth skills day is a fantastic time to showcase it and the great young people you’ve got in the business.

If you’ve not got one of these schemes, world youth skills day could also be great opportunity to show your industry off to a younger audience – show them why your sector and your organisation would be a great place to build their skills and their career.


4. World Emoji Day – 17th July

A bit of a fun one, but an opportunity to engage people in a quick way. Ask people to describe their job only using emojis and see how many are easy to guess.

Or you could use it as an opportunity to gather a bit of subjective feedback – ask people to sum up how they feel about your business only using emojis.


5. International Friendship Day – 30th July

Here’s a fab opportunity for a bit of cross promotion. International friendship is a fantastic opportunity to shout out to some of the clients, customers or businesses that have been a great friend to your organisation. It might be someone who helped you get started, a repeat customer, another business that has given you great advice, or just other companies that you really admire and have learned from.

It’s an awareness day that gives you the chance to tag other people and companies, widening your reach.


Best of the Rest:

6. National Simplicity Day – 11th July

A great way to break down how your product or service makes like simpler for your customers


7. National Tattoo Day – 17th July

There’s been quite the movement across LinkedIn over the past month to stop seeing tattoos as unprofessional, so if you have team members with tattoos, why not 


8. National Dog Photography Day – 26th July

Who doesn’t like a dog picture? If you’ve got a dog, or even an office dog, give them a quick plug. Animals are a great stress reliever, so this is also a great chance to talk about the ways having a dog has been good for your wellbeing.


9. National Milk Chocolate Day - 28th July

Everyone has a favourite brand – time to find out people’s fave – Dairy Milk, Mars or Galaxy.


These ideas can be executed in a way that makes them educational, entertaining, or inspiring for your audience - and good mix of all three will keep you audience engaged over a longer period of time. If you're not sure how to use awareness days in your social media content, be sure to give us a follow on LinkedIn, as we'll be using some of these ideas ourselves during July!



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