The benefits of an exit interview

Posted: July 10, 2018

Finding out the reasons behind someone’s decision to leave their job can be key to solving many issues within the workplace.

An exit interview doesn’t need to be a formal affair, with a list of questions that the employee needs to have answered before they are released from their contract. A simple informal chat is all that is required, with the intention of not only finding out what areas the company needs to focus on developing, but also to leave the exiting employee with a good impression of the company. After all the reason they might be leaving could be for salary or re-location and not because of their working environment.

Establishing the reasons behind someone leaving will enable you to fix any problems that could result in further resignations. Obviously reasons will vary from person-to-person but if it’s something that needs to be addressed by the company it’s better to know as soon as possible. If you’re not asking you aren’t going to be aware of where damaging problems lie.

Exit interviews really don’t take up that much time and will not only provide you with invaluable information about how the company is perceived amongst its employees and insight into why people leave, but will also give you the opportunity to tie up loose ends with that employee and provide details on the procedures that need to be completed when someone leaves.


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