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The Google human project

Posted: July 09, 2018
Author: Laura Mercer

Six months ago, Google changed its algorithm which affected how websites could climb the search engine page to achieve that illusive top spot. Gone are the days of just having to understand code and algorithms to get to the top. Google wanted a more authentic experience for its users, a human experience.

When someone now looks for content online, instead of looking for keywords used in the search, the new Google algorithm now looks for great content in relation to the search query. It’s not just about how technically brilliant a website is anymore (although there is still a need for a website to be technically awesome!) The focus now is about quality, up-to-date and relevant content. Websites written with great content will get a boost in rankings from Google, so now as well as thinking about key words and meta descriptions , which are still very important, in order to get better results/visitors/conversions, it’s all about writing great content on your website too.

With this firmly in mind, blueskies will be busy over the next few months ensuring we strive to lead the way with quality, relevant content across our own website. Watch this space for new things to come from Blue Skies, and maybe it might be worth a quick review of your own website to make sure you are getting the most out of it, and that it plays along with Google.


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