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Continuing demand for niche digital skill sets

Posted: July 30, 2018
Author: Jessie Jackson

There is no doubt that digital transformation is continuing to change businesses across the world, and more than ever these organisations are looking to invest in bringing these skills in house rather than outsourcing at a substantial cost. 

With this movement comes a continuing demand for candidates with niche digital skills within the market. New technologies have created the need for such specialist skills, primarily SEO, PPC, social media, ecommerce and advanced analytics. The issue is obtaining candidates at a level that enables them to truly drive these elements of marketing forward for the business they join.

Although the demand for these skills is certainly on the rise, the fact is that these skills have also been in shortage because industries other than FMCG have, over the last few years especially, really begun to recognise the value of marketing and the impact a strong marketing team can make towards achieving their business goals.

It is therefore possible to attract such skill sets in a competitive market by raising the salary/package offered. It’s not all about salary though! Our candidates continue to feedback that company culture and softer benefits like flexi time, holidays, healthcare or optional home working, are just as important, sometimes even more so. For the near and distant future investment in training and upskilling existing team members is so important. 

Remember no matter how you go about your recruitment process for niche skills, it is key to be flexible in your recruitment process and look at transferable skills rather than proven experience or industry specific experience. 



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