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Making the leap to freelance

Posted: July 04, 2018
Author: Amy Bradbury

Are you thinking of making the leap into the world of freelance? Is being on the circuit the right environment for you? Here’s an honest summary of the highs and lows for a Freelancer to help you decide whether to take the plunge.

The biggest positive any freelancer will tell you is flexibility. Flexibility on times, rates and best of all holidays! Yes, if you are someone who has particular times in the day where you are more productive or need the flexibility with families – freelancing could be the thing for you. By being your own boss you can enjoy the freedom of managing your own time – just remember that self-discipline!

With any important decisions, there are always risks and concerns. The main ones that are brought to my attention tend to be, loneliness, lack of structure and the admin pile! All of these can be worked on if you just adapt the way you work. 

Some freelancers love the idea of working remotely, as they find it allows for better concentration. However, if you are someone that thrives in a more collaborative environment there are an abundance of opportunities for freelancers to work on site. And regarding admin – hire an accountant and download handy software to archive everything.

Ultimately, freelancing isn’t for everyone, however, if you would take flexibility and higher earning potential over security and structure then it may just be worth giving it a shot.



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