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IR35 – What do we know? What would we like to know? And do we really need to know?

Posted: August 15, 2018
Author: Amy Bradbury

On the freelance desk there are murmurs everywhere about IR35 and what it really means for all of our freelancers and clients, both new and regular. 

What we do know is that IR35 has been around for years. However, it has been elevated due to the government recently tightening up tax rules on off-payroll working. Essentially, it will move the liability of determining contractors' IR35 status from the contractors to the organisations hiring them.

Most people will be aware there has been a clamp down on the public sector, with plans to move into the private sector, and it’s reportedly estimated that this could affect some 5.7 million businesses and 2 million contractors. The consultation process ended on Friday 10th August, and with debates over how this will affect the economy with the ever looming Brexit and whether the assessment tool is even up to scratch, I’m keen to hear opinions. 

We are having a meeting with a partner of ours in September, so if (like me) you have a number of burning questions please get in touch and I will happily quiz away.

Disclaimer: This in no way is from a legal or qualified source – just me chatting away to my lovely clients and candidate!


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