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Leaving the candidate in new job limbo

Posted: September 24, 2018

We have all been there. There is nothing worse than wholeheartedly falling for that ‘dream role’ just to be left dangling after you‘ve taken the time to interview. 

Not only is this frustrating for the candidate stuck in new job limbo, but it instantly casts doubt in the mind as to how credible and conscientious the company is. Ultimately putting the candidate off the role and potentially any other roles you as an employer have in the future. 

It’s my candidates I feel for. The ones who have taken time out of their week and normally used holiday allowance to do so, researched the company and paid for the petrol/transport to get to the interview. They deserve to be told whether they can move on, or hold on.

The current market, especially the creative one, is extremely competitive and good candidates are on and off the market within weeks, if not days. The importance of keeping them excited and enthused about the prospect of working for you is more essential than ever, even if they aren’t quite right for you now, they might be in years to come, or they might know someone that could be. 

Word of mouth is extremely important and counts for a lot. That’s why I work hard as a brand ambassador for your company, to find you the best talent to interview. It’s why you really need to trust me and work with me to communicate all feedback, good and bad. It helps to keep your brand presence strong, which as I mentioned is vital in an increasingly difficult and scarce candidate market. 

Be sure to make use of our advice section and pick up some tips from us on giving interview feedback.


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