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is recruiter a dirty word or could you benefit from knowing one?

Posted: November 18, 2018
Author: Amy Bradbury

We all know that at some point, somewhere, someone has had a bad experience with a recruiter and as a consequence would never dream of working with one again.  As in every industry there are some rotter’s out there that give the rest of us a bad name.

What we strive for is to help candidates find relevant roles with organisations that excite them. And yes we get paid for it, but if we all tried to earn money the same way the world would grind to halt. Convinced yet? Let me give you a couple more reasons why we are (on the whole) good eggs.
We know our market
You may hear that a lot, but we really do! We live and breathe our specialisms and geographical areas day in, day out. Meaning, we can offer insight that is near impossible to find without doing the leg work that we do. If you can have a strong understanding of market rates, needs of the businesses and hiring trends – it will set you apart from other candidates and help you decide whether an opportunity is for you.
The preparation
We can help you prepare and market yourself. There is no better feeling than going to ‘that’ interview knowing you have a wealth of information and some insider knowledge under your belt. Also, knowing our client’s intimately, we can give you pointers on your CV/Portfolios to get their instant attention. 
No matter how well you network, there will be those hiring managers that you just can’t get to speak to. A (good) recruiter will know their clients pain points and be able to offer a solution, and that solution could be you!

Ultimately, we succeed by building strong relationships with our clients and candidates and if we do that well, it makes for a bright future for all parties.

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