Life is busy. Everyone works and everyone has a to do list that feels never ending. We all start the week with a plan only for things the crop up. Before we know it it’s Friday and the week is almost over.
So when you are working with a recruiter and they ask to meet with you it can sometimes feel like a chore. However meeting with our candidates and clients is absolutely key!

A phone conversation is great, initially it is the perfect way to discuss a candidates key skills and background or a clients' needs and team structure. But a phone conversation is just that. Words.

Don’t get me wrong, skills and past experience is very important when securing a new role however personality, culture and team fit is becoming more and more important to both candidates and clients.
Remember that you can teach a skills gap but you can’t teach personality.
I love meeting with my clients, it is super beneficial to not only build relationships but to get a feel for the agency. You can see what the working environment is like, what the offices are like and get a feel for the vibe. You get to find out the additional benefits that you may not have gauged from a conversation i.e that the agency have an office dog!
When meeting a candidate you can see how they present themselves, see their personality and really understand what they are looking for.
Having met both client and candidate ensures that we are adding the best value to our candidates, we truly understand the type of culture that they want to work in and can better match them to our clients.
If your recruiter hasn’t met with you or the client can you be sure that they absolutely know what you are looking for and where you would fit best?
By meeting with a client we can fully prepare our candidates for interviews and even give an overview of what the agency looks like to help settle those pre-interview nerves.
If your recruiter has you at interview and they haven’t met you - can they really add value to your job search and be confident that you are fully prepared? Likewise if you are a client working with a recruitment specialist, if they haven’t been to see you can you be sure that they are able to fully ‘sell’ you and your opportunity in the best possible way?
Meeting can be tricky due to location but that’s why we offer a virtual meeting room blueskies LIVE where both recruiter and candidate can enter the room and see each other. Technology today means that there are no excuses.
If you are a candidate looking for your next opportunity then get in touch, we can’t wait to hear from you!


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