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does your in-house recruiter know you like we do?

Posted: December 05, 2018

I had a refreshing conversation with a client the other day which has prompted me to write this blog. 

We were talking about how much more valuable long-term relationships with recruitment consultants are, compared to just transactional recruitment. Having an expert who, although not on the structure chart is a member of the team long term, helping build a truly excellent high performing team. 

Having worked in recruitment for the last 19 years, all of which has been agency-side, I am finding that my competition is no longer from competing agencies, but from internal recruitment teams.

“We don’t use agencies as we have an internal recruitment team.” With the rise of direct sourcing models, I meet this objection regularly. Does this mean that I need to retire and find a new career because agency-days are numbered? Absolutely not! 

I completely understand that companies are having to tighten their belts and one way of doing this is bringing recruitment resource in-house. I also see how someone with an intimate knowledge of the business is beneficial. However, the reality is internal recruitment teams are trying to fill volume vacancies across large businesses and within multiple disciplines, they have little opportunity to become real experts.

The right recruitment consultant can add huge amounts of value to your business and ultimately save you time and money!

My colleagues and I aim to be an extension of the teams we work with. We are often out on visits asking a million questions trying to understand each business's culture, needs and requirements. 

I’m able to offer valuable insight into the market place, candidate requirements, skill shortages, salary benchmarking, writing of job descriptions, assistance with interviews and presentation prep. 

Unemployment numbers are at an all-time low, the candidate market is extremely tight and with Brexit looming, in whatever guise that comes in, the market is only getting tougher. 

Partnering with a specialist recruiter will give you access to excellent candidates who are genuinely active and engaged in their job search.  Working together and having open and honest communication makes for a great working relationship long term.

So, if you are looking for a great marketing recruiter and would like to partner with us, please get in touch.


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