According to a study conducted by LinkedIn an astonishing 42% of Brits would be deterred from applying for a new role due to lack of confidence – not in the economic market, but in their own ability. It went into more detail stating that the key worries would be whether they had strong enough experience and a general apprehension over starting a new role and how they would perform.

This led me to thinking about the effectiveness of job boards and whether potential candidates are being put off by poorly advertised roles. A quick review of any jobs board will demonstrate this; overwhelmingly long adverts including full job descriptions, with intimidating lists of specific responsibilities and skills.

It seems many job adverts today are too focussed on ‘selling’ the role and company with little thought given to the needs of the job seeker to encourage an application.  Yes, of course we want to find the best qualified and experienced person for the job, but it may encourage more passive job seekers to apply if we moved away from traditional adverts acting as a ‘wish list’ to a more transparent portrayal of the job requirements and person specification.

It is important to remember that a job description and job advert should be complementary but not the same thing.  Your job advert should attract your ideal candidates, then use the job description to filter the applications.

Take the opportunity to open the door with your adverts, why not state it’s OK if you don’t have a degree if you can demonstrate ample enough experience.  You could encourage applicants to consider side-steps as well as upward movement or highlight the opportunities to switch sectors and industries. Rather than being specific, be open to transferable skills, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. If you get the exact experience you are looking for that’s great, but at least you won’t have put off potential stars by being too rigid.

If you are worried increasing your workload a recruitment partner can help. Consultants at blueskies aim to know you inside out, so we can filter applications on your behalf and spot those all-important potentials, maybe even throw you a curveball candidate!


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