It’s my favourite time of the year! As we head in to December I am officially allowed to drop the C word; here, there and everywhere. December is the time of year where people are happy and cheery, looking forward to the run up to Christmas and planning their festivities.
Many companies are winding down for the Christmas period, tying up work and getting ready for Christmas break. However, many candidates are still active in the market and looking for new opportunities.
So, it got me thinking… what makes December a good time to think about recruitment, here are my five reasons why...
  1. If you hold off recruiting until the New Year then you risk losing star candidates who are keen to secure their new role this side of Christmas.
  2. If your office is a little quieter than normal, it’s a great time to look at your resource requirements and brief in those all-important roles for the new year.  Even if you don’t want a candidate starting until the New Year NOW is the time to start the recruitment process. Allowing time to get those interviews in the diary ready for when you head back after Christmas.
  3. New year new start, candidates are beginning to think about their New Year’s resolutions; maybe a new job or looking for a fresh challenge. Now is a great time to publish your exciting job advert, grabbing the attention of those energised candidates.
  4. December can also be the perfect time to bring on a new starter. They will get to see your culture first hand, be able to socialise with their new colleagues and join in with the Christmas parties. Ensuring that they are feeling comfortable, settled and part of the team, ready to hit the ground running come the New Year.
  5. Christmas is a time to reflect and look over the success of the last year – what a fab introduction for a candidate to see this, motivating them and showing them what they can expect when joining you.
If you are thinking about recruiting in the New Year, don’t leave it till the festive season is over – get in contact and let us work on finding you some great talent so that you can break for Christmas knowing that the process has begun and that you are well on your way to securing a new member of the team.



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