With Christmas less than a week away, have you written your letter to Santa? Speaking to our candidates this month it’s become clear to me that a common request for St Nick this year is a better work life balance.
At a time when our minds drift to spending time with family and friends, many of you have been considering how you can make changes to your working patterns to provide more time at home.
So, what is your Christmas wish - what is work life balance to you? Is it flexible start times? Being able to work from home? Ability to buy extra holiday?
One of the agencies that we work with offers a flexible working week. Essentially, you work the hours that best suits you between the hours of 8am and 6.30pm. Sounds great right? They are not alone, across the Midlands we are seeing an increase in flexibility being offered as a benefit.
With flexibility and work life balance at number one what’s next on the list? Onsite parking, gym membership, breakfast and free coffee? Soft perks can often make all the difference when it comes to happiness at work. One of our clients even has an on-site yoga studio!
Father Christmas gets a great package; minimal hours throughout the year, free snacks and parking onsite at each location!! If this sounds good to you or if you are starting to wonder if your current role really meets your needs, why not get in touch.  I can’t promise you the Christmas bundle, however there are plenty of great employers out there, when you know where to look!


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