20 years of blueskies

Posted: December 20, 2018
Author: Nigel Vickers

Blueskies was launched 20yrs ago to disrupt the recruitment market place. The industry was not at its best, people were treated as commodities and there was a lack of personal service and technical expertise, client service was shallow and transactional.

The blueskies team set out to create a home for creative and marketing recruitment. Founded on real marketing experience and a passion for the industry. We recognised the impact the right people can have on an organisation.

When you think about it, a strong marketing team can transform an organisation. We take that responsibility seriously, I am so proud to have represented such incredible talent.

Our first placement demonstrates perfectly the value of blueskies. A psychiatric nurse into an integrated agency – what!?! Well, as unlikely as that sounds it was a match made in heaven. We knew both candidate and client intimately, this allowed us to confidently suggest this ‘curveball’. It was a mutually beneficial move for both parties, this is important to us, we want to be able to operate in best interests of our candidates as well as our clients.

Fast forward 20yrs and our focus hasn’t changed. We still set out to remind our clients that there is more to recruitment consultants than a fee. We work hard on attracting the most creative candidates and champion the value of marketing and creative skills to organisations. 

It’s not been an easy ride, finding good recruitment consultants is difficult. I tend to recruit attitude and values as a priority then work hard to skill up on recruitment and industry knowledge.

Some clients still have a negative opinion of recruiters, unfair fee’s and poor service levels across the industry is still impacting us today. Many employers are bringing recruitment consultants in-house and although this seems like an economical move, their ability to succeed is limited by the requirement to understand a whole business, each department and individual specialisms.

This is where blueskies excels, we are creative and marketing specialists. We recruit the best talent into specialist roles. We don’t believe one size fits all, all organisations are different, and people are unique.

So, what does 2019 hold? More of the same! Our team set out to challenge the status quo, to think differently than other recruitment consultants. To get to know our clients and candidates so we can provide deep connections that benefit both parties.

I am really excited about the year ahead, our team is growing. We are strengthening our knowledge and our focus on the most relevant markets. We are energised and set to continue to bring blueskies to the recruitment market, proud to stand by what we do and who we are. 


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