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Posted: January 08, 2019
Author: Nigel Vickers

It’s that time of year again, the time for review and resolution. Just before Christmas I asked the team to share with me their resolutions for our clients and candidates. What would they do differently to improve our service and delivery?  It was intended as an internal exercise, however I was overwhelmed with the response, so I thought I would share.
I wrote recently about my original vision for blueskies - to create a home for creative and marketing recruitment, founded on real marketing experience and a passion for the industry. blueskies consultants aim to get to know our clients and candidates so we can provide valuable connections that benefit both parties. We aim to strengthen our knowledge and our focus on the most relevant markets. To be energised and set to continue to bring blueskies to the recruitment market, proud to stand by what we do and who we are!
Hearing the team’s commitment to this through their resolutions was both reassuring and exciting. We’ve worked hard in 2018 on refreshing our mission, vision and values. The management team have been flat out and I’m grateful for their energy and expertise.
So, enough from me and over to them…
Jessie “I want to add greater value to candidates by coaching them through the process. Nurturing and guiding where appropriate.”
Sally “use blueskiesLIVE more to meet clients and candidates, offering a virtual meeting to build our relationship and improve understanding and trust.”
Amy “create authentic relationships with my freelance candidates based upon a genuine interest in them and challenge the industry stereotype that recruiters don’t care!!
Katy “move quickly and keep the recruitment process moving at fast pace – providing a better service and reduce the risk of losing those all-important star candidates”
Michelle “encourage candidates to be honest and open – ‘you can be you with us’ - we don’t judge, and we honestly care about you”
Hannah “shine a light on blueskies thinking and improve client and candidate communication”
Lara “getting closer to candidates, provide more face to face opportunities, meeting candidates outside normal working hours and locations”
Heidi “saving clients time in the recruitment process, investigate the use of technology to improve client experience”
Claire “increase knowledge of candidate technical skills, not just for me but the team too”
Bridget “continue to build upon my recruitment industry knowledge and create genuine relationships with candidates and clients.”
Natasha “as chairperson of the fun committee – mine is to provide a fun and fabulous working environment for the team that motivates and energises, resulting in better overall experience for clients and candidates”


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