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hiring temporary holiday cover - steps to success

Posted: April 10, 2019

To a business leader, holidays can come as a bit of an inconvenience. Easter for example - right smack bang in the middle of busy season. It’s a two-week menace that grinds workflow to a halt and threatens those all-important deadlines.

If you are annual planning right now this can be a critical time, asking for more money for your 19/20 objectives whilst your team are unable to respond to business requests – not ideal.

So, how do you avoid this you ask?

Well, our answer to holidays is freelancers… our lovely temporary workforce are primed and ready to pick up where your perm team leave off. They don’t have to take the same holidays that permies do and are used to adapting to different business and briefs.

If you are used to managing interim solutions and remote teams then this solution is no surprise and its likely you have already been in touch.
If not, you are probably thinking that this sounds great but maybe more effort than its worth.

To make your lives easier, we’ve come up with a six-step process that will get you covered with minimum work from you!
  1. Gather your team to pre-plan your workload for the next two weeks. Create a team calendar so you can identify gaps easily.
  2. Grab a drink and go somewhere quiet for 10 mins to scribble down the gaps and your thoughts on what you need to fill them, considering;
    • Skills – be as exact as you can.
    • Type of work – can you outsource a whole project or will it be sections? Do you need a desk covering for ad-hoc support? 
    • Timescales & location – when do you need cover? How long for and which location? Are you open to remote working – remember if your office is shut on the bank holidays you may want to consider this!
    • Culture – similar to hiring perm, the right person matters. What are the main characteristics that would fit into your team.
    • Budget – what can you commit to get the right person on board?
  3. Pick up the phone and speak to your blueskies consultant, with all the above information. In no time at all they will be able to get busy sourcing for you.
  4. Results & feedback – You will need to make time to review CVs and portfolios so arrange with your blueskies consultant the best way to communicate the shortlists to you.
  5. Interview – to make the recruitment process quicker you could consider a virtual video interview. The no risk element to f/l means that if anything does go wrong in the relationship you can terminate at any time with no hard feelings. So, don’t feel like you have to go through the rigorous processes you normally would when hiring in a new team member.
  6. Contract and payment – the blueskies team can handle all the contract negotiations for you. There are a few different options available to you, depending if you want to include your freelancer on your payroll or ours.
Done! You now have yourself a fully functioning team again! No missed deadlines, no frustrated internal stakeholders and no stress!! 
Hopefully you can now take the time off too!
We would love to hear your thoughts on this, do you think freelancing is the answer to managing dips in resource?  


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