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Is there a difference between B2B & B2C marketing?

Posted: July 20, 2018

An interesting question and one that I often contemplate when taking job briefs from my clients within the B2C sector. They always seem convinced that they need someone from a B2C background; but why? I try to challenge as often as I can. This opens up the brief and the market. Who said that B2B marketers can’t be creative and don’t understand the end consumer? After all, they are consumers themselves.

I read an interesting article on this by Tom Pepper; Director at LinkedIn Marketing Services for the UK. In this he said; “You would be mistaken to think that feelings and emotions are not as high a priority for B2B brands. I would actually argue that they are even more important. After all, buying a new IT system or fleet of vans is a far more emotional buy than a pair of trainers or packet of crisps. It impacts your organisation, the team around you, effectively your job could even be affected by the decision.”

We are all bombarded with consumer marketing and messaging these days; it’s a 24/7 thing with smart phones and social advertising. Provided that you understand who the customer is and what makes them engage with your brand/product, surely the marketing skills are transferrable?

To read more on Tom Peppers article, please follow the link.


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