Technology and Financial Services are two of the fastest growing industries in the UK and set to continue to grow as we make our way through 2018. In 2017 British technology companies attracted more venture capital funding than any other European Country.

What are the reasons for this?

Firstly, with the steady increase in cyber-crime, there is the increased need for the kind of technology to tackle this growing problem. Cyber-crime can happen to almost any business, with most companies now holding personal, company and customer or consumer data. Whether operating within the B2B, B2C or Not for Profit sectors, whether private or public, all companies and organisations will hold personal data that needs to be protected and is at risk from cyber-crime. With this in mind, and with the increase in crime that is occurring in the UK and worldwide, companies no matter how big or small will need to be mindful of this and ensure that they have the technologies in place to protect this data.

Secondly, more and more companies are becoming web-based as the focus on digital continues to grow.

Closely linked to this is the growth, and expected continued growth, within FinTech. FinTech has been around for years but is seen as a relatively new industry that uses technology to improve activities within the financial services industry. This increase can be seen as we move further towards operating in the digital space, with more transactions and activities being completed on our mobiles without the need of face-to-face interactions.

Another sector that is seeing large growth is Financial Services. The decision on whether ‘we stay or leave’ in the Brexit debate may seem like a distant memory, however the outcome and consequences are still very much yet to be seen. With the uncertainty and unease of this, many businesses are relying on the financial services professionals to give them guidance for the future, and assist in helping them make any changes that they need to make.

An increase in acquisitions and mergers also means that financial services are in demand. With the number of start-ups continuing to grow they too will need the help of banks and accountants to assist in their ventures.

It is quite clear that exciting times lie ahead for the Technology and Financial Services industries as they continue to grow. With this in mind, as the industry grows there will be more jobs created, and companies will be looking for talented marketeers to help them lead the way in keeping up with the increase in competition and connecting with their target audiences.


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