You create content. It’s a massive part of your job as marketer, and you spend a huge part of your time creating that content.

Which is why it’s such a waste to take that content and just post out a link to it. Distributing your content is the best way to show your expertise and


Link distribution is not the same as content distribution. If your audience has no context, they have no reason to click.


Content distribution is, in lots of ways, another form of content creation. To really get the best value from your content, you need to find the angle, and give people a reason to read. The key is to distribute the learnings and the insights from your content, rather than a link to it.


Here are 6 things you can do instead of posting your link on social media:


  1. Publish a twitter thread

Share 3-5 insights from your blog post in the form of a twitter thread. You can take the key messages and use a tweet to explain each one.


  1. Publish a LinkedIn post drilling into one of those insights.

Take just one of the insights from the blog post and give more detail on what it means and how your audience can apply it. You can then repeat this every week for each of the other key points from your blog post.


  1. Create a carousel post highlighting the key messages of the blog post.

Carousel posts tend to get higher engagement on LinkedIn than single image posts. You can take the high-level information about each of your insights and create a page for each in your carousel.


  1. Drop it into an email

Use the images from your carousel post and information from your LinkedIn post and Twitter thread to create an email update to your subscribers.


  1. Record a video

While this sounds scary, it doesn’t have to be a high-quality production. Use your camera phone and sit down with a subject matter expert from your company to record an interview or commentary on the topic.  Discuss what the learnings mean, what their reactions are, and if there’s anything they’d add.


  1. Turn your video into a podcast episode

Take the audio from the video you made and create a podcast episode from it. Record a short section for the beginning where you give some context to the conversation and set up the subject for your listeners. You could also record a short ending section when you give a round up.


Use these tips and you’ll start to see engagement in your content rise. The insights from your content are valuable to your audience, but hiding them in a blog post and hoping they’ll read it isn’t the best way to get the information across.


Distribute your insights, not your link!


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