If you ever find yourself scrabbling around at the last minute trying to come up with social media posts, we’re here for you.

Every month we’ll give you a whole ream of ideas for social media content based on awareness days – and here’s our take for August!

August 9th - Book Lovers Day

This is a brilliant one to share your expertise with your audience. You could post 3 must read books for your niche; books that you know will help solve problems for you customers.

Go a step further with engagement and film each member of your team giving a book recommendation – either a book they’ve always loved or a book recommendation for their customers.

Alternatively, if you’ve got an audience that are good at engaging with your posts, you could flip it round and ask your audience what their must reads are and start a conversation about the best books in the sector.

Or finally, you could choose a new book release and do either a written or a video review of it.


August 15th - Relaxation Day

It would be really easy to use this one in a bit of a cliched way, asking you audience how they like to relax, but it’s likely this will get lost amongst the sea of other people doing the same.

Instead, why not flip the topic on its head and talk about things people shouldn’t get relaxed about. For example, why you shouldn’t relax your GDPR processes if you want great email engagement, or why you shouldn’t relax your social media content posting over the summer holidays.

Or you could use it to weave in a sales message by telling people what they can relax about if they invest in your product or service.


August 19th - World Photo Day

World photo day is a great one for marketers as photography can be tough for people who don’t know a lot about it. So this is a brilliant opportunity to showcase the skills within your business by sharing tips on how to take better photos.

Alternatively, you could film a tutorial on an aspect of photo editing, or maybe share a list of the best photo editing software, both free and paid for.

If you want more of a sales focused post, you could share before and after photos for a project you’ve worked on for a customer, or share a transformation your business has undergone with before and after photos.


August 21st - World Entrepreneurs Day

This is particularly good if you’re a founder led business, as it gives you a great opportunity to talk about the entrepreneurial journey of your founder, and how they built the business to where it is today. You could film a video interview with them, or post a timeline with key dates accompanied by quotes.

Alternatively you could share tips for marketing or your particular niche to help entrepreneurs who are just starting out.


Best of the rest:

August 12th - International Youth Day

Give advice for young people on how to get into your niche


August 16th - Tell a joke day

It’s always good to make someone smile – run a competition for the best joke or meme related to your industry.


August 26th - Women’s Equality Day

Really great opportunity to highlight the diversity of your company – whether its showcasing female leaders, highlighting equal pay, or talking about how you’re attracting women to your company.


August 27th - National Just Because Day

A bit of a fun one – when we all have so many responsibilities and things to worry about, sometimes it's nice to be able to do something “just because”.  Why not send out a little gift to your clients, or to your employees - just because!


Be sure to check back next month for ideas for September!


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