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Advice for graduate candidates

Posted: June 06, 2018

As I opened up facebook on what was a relatively chilled Sunday afternoon this weekend, I suddenly felt highly grateful for the stress free day I’d been having when Facebook Time-Hop presented me with a photo from ‘3 years ago today’. Captured on camera was my exasperated face as a final year student, sat cross legged on my broken student bed, surrounded by books, post it notes and lots of multi-coloured pens. About to embark on my final chapter as a student, I was juggling preparing for finals with job applications and feeling totally terrified about leaving my comfort blanket of student-ville.

All of this got me thinking about the advice I’d give to today’s final year students hoping to enter the wonderful world of marketing, and how to best prepare for the big scary world of work that awaits them…

I’ve already received the first few CV’s from the eager beavers for roles I’m currently recruiting for and whilst such proactivity is admirable, the truth is, roles I’m recruiting for now are not looking for candidates who aren’t available for another 5/6 months. So relax. Finals are stressful enough, don’t waste hours of time filling out application forms for roles looking at start dates before you are free to begin. I made this mistake and frankly, it was a stressful form of procrastination for hours at a time that I could have spent reading text books. Or at least procrastinating more effectively on Netflix.

Your CV is the first impression you will make with any potential future employer. I recruit for PR/ social media opportunities, meaning for my roles in particular, exceptional content creation and attention to detail is essential, as it is for all marketing and creative opportunities. Yet so many CV’s we receive are far too often sprinkled with silly errors, typos and daft spellings that scream to clients ‘my attention to detail is distinctly average’. Not the message you’re aiming to convey and certainly not in the field of marketing. Proof read and proof read again, ask a friend or family member to run their eyes over it too. Don’t put yourself on the back foot before you’ve even begun.

Preparing a portfolio of examples that best showcase your talents is an enormously beneficial thing to do, and doing it now, before you are in the middle of an interview process, will save you the stress down the line of having no time or facilities to source and print your very best work. What better way to justify your skills and capabilities than with physical examples proving your awesomeness.

When the time comes to start applications once finals are over and you’ve had a well deserved week of catching up on all the sleep that was lost during all-night cramming sessions, think carefully before panic applying to everything you see. Taking a considered and selective approach rather than sending out blanket applications to an industry where everybody knows somebody puts you in a much stronger position than sending out hundred’s of online applications which broadcast your CV all over the place.

But as a graduate, how on earth do you know how to refine your search and who to tailor your applications to? That’s where we come in.

Talking to knowledgeable industry experts is a great way to ensure you are approaching your job search in the right way. As a graduate, searching for the right opportunity is an immensely daunting and sometimes demoralising task. Talking to a specialist recruiter who knows the industry inside out will help you to ensure your background, experience and preferences are matched to the best fitting companies. We want to understand you, in skillset and in personality, so that we can help you to find the best opportunities and guide you through the process, from interview preparation, advising on tasks and presentations to coaching you through an offer. As a newbie to the marketing world, having someone on your side working with you can help alleviate the pressure of securing your first role.

So, final year marketeers, PR’s and creative’s the marketing world is your oyster in six months time. By then you’ll have a flawless CV, a stunning portfolio and we’ll be ready to help you and coach you through the exciting challenge of finding your first career move. In the meantime ease off the job applications, stock up on coffee and flash cards and go and boss your exams.


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