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Are you ready for Generation Z?

Posted: July 27, 2018

You’ve heard of the Millennials, but what about the next generation that is entering the workforce right now? Those born after 1996, and are about to knock on the doors of prospective employers everywhere, are known as Generation Z and they, like those before them, need handling in a different way altogether.

These potential employees have no experience of a world without technology. Mobile phones and the internet were becoming common place when they were born, and by the time they were old enough to fully engage with them these technologies were entering their heyday.  They are a generation that is constantly connected to the world and friends via technology, however they are socially conscious and used to building and being part of wider communities, both online and face-to-face so giving them one-to-one time with those in leadership will help to discover their strengths and develop their inter-personal skills further.

Just as with other generations, Gen Z will have different expectations for their career and will bring with them a different mindset altogether than those who entered the workplace prior to them. It is thought that this generation are more likely to challenge the status-quo and not except things being done in a certain manner, simply because that is the way it has always been done. They will likely require a more flexible approach and the freedom to think about new methods when completing their work tasks.

They are long-termers who are likely to stay in a job for a good period of time, having witnessed family members struggle through recession hit times, so be prepared to put time and effort in to their development. They won’t be planning on their next career move quickly and you’ll likely end up with an employee who is not only loyal to the company but is keen to move up the ladder.

We are constantly being contacted by Generation Z-ers wanting to make their first step on to the ladder. If you’re looking for a junior level hire get in touch and see what Gen Z talent we can send you way.


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