Despite a lot of people having gym membership (or an equivalent fitness allowance) as a work benefit, a recent survey has found that 31.6% of people only exercise once or twice a week with 24% not doing any at all. Exercise not only improves overall health, but is proven to help mental health and increase general happiness levels, which in turn improves working lives and day-to-day productivity. Why aren’t more people making use of these benefits?

It may be that your employer doesn’t offer this as a benefit. If this is the case why don’t you make the proposal that they could? Speak with colleagues to gather support and offer the case that the employer will themselves benefit from a healthier workforce.

Are work hours restricting you from fitting exercise in to your daily routine? If your employer offers flexible working hours use this to work-out before or after you working day, or again suggest that this could be a benefit if it isn’t already.

How about fitting it in to your lunchtime schedule? Here at blueskies we have a weekly running club which encourages our employees to take time out from the office. Even a lunchtime walk will help to clear the head and get those muscles stretching.

Looking after you is key to a happy life and this spills over to your work life. If you have the benefits make sure you use them, and if you don’t then ask and you may well soon have.


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