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Posted: July 16, 2018

Company culture and the benefits employees receive have been talking points for a few years now, but all of this is taking a back-seat in 2018 with workplace wellbeing, and more specifically mental health, at the forefront of business leader’s minds.

The realisation to take on mental health wellbeing in the workplace as a priority has been building over the last year. As much as the standard benefits, such as gym membership and free food, will always be welcomed it is up to the employer to ensure that their workforce’s mental wellbeing is as much as a priority as their physical one, with absenteeism from non-physical issues on the rise.

Managing mental health can be complex, but the simple introduction of mental health days or mindfulness coaching shows that you are aware of the importance of the subject and that it is a workplace issue, and not only reassures employees that as an employer you are committed to them as individuals, but it will also make you stand out as a business with a social conscience when it comes to attracting new talent.


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