I get asked all the time, what is the Interim market like by those considering moving from a permanent career structure. What I can say is that it’s a massive rollercoaster ride with ups and downs, twists and turns and is not necessarily for everyone, but it can be the most rewarding of paths and offer flexibility if you need it.

It can be beneficial to your career development and can prove to be an effective career path. You can develop a variety of skills far more quickly than you would in any permanent job, and gives you the ability to adapt to different working environments, allowing you to sample different employers, brands, company practices etc. It offers you flexibility in your career, allowing you to work for periods of time to suit your personal life and gain what sometimes seems to elude so many of us a ‘worklife balance’. It can also often earn you higher rates of pay. 

Many employers I feel oversee Interims because they have more ‘job hoppy’ CVs than their permanent counterparts. However, I always encourage them to reconsider and advise that they shouldn’t underestimate or undervalue Interims as they add fantastic value in terms of their skillsets and experience.

If you think that this path sounds interesting and security and structure is not the most important criteria, then give it a go. Get in touch to discuss how you could make the move.


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