Candidates wanting to make the move from an agency account handling role to a clientside marketing role is becoming way more common that I’ve ever known it to be. 

It’s a familiar story for candidates to join agency land at the start of their career and work their way through the ranks before mulling over whether focusing on one brand in a clientside environment would be better for them. Whether that’s for a better work/life balance, the ability to get under the skin of one brand, to have more ownership or to avoid spending hours creating amazing ideas for a pitch they don’t win.

I often speak to candidates whose preference is to make that change, but it’s a big decision. Would you miss the pace, the variety and the uber creative superstars that you work with? Would you miss the thrill of pitching and winning that fantastic new client? Could it be worth thinking about whether a different agency could offer you what you need? Meaning you don’t need to necessarily write off agency life altogether.

If you do decide that clientside is the route for you, when you’re writing your CV you need to be thinking about transferable skills and staying focused on what a clientside hiring manager wants to read. Stay away from key achievements around new business wins, amazing pitches and how effectively you’ve grown accounts, and instead focus on brilliant creative campaigns that you have created for brands that you know inside out, the results you’ve achieved and stakeholder engagement. Keep your CV consumer centric rather than client management focused.

If you’d like to discuss making the move further and how to go about it, get in touch and we’ll talk through the best route for you.



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