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Graduate Creatives - how to get your CV and portfolio on point

Posted: August 08, 2018

If finishing university and entering the big wide world of the creative industry isn’t enough, you have to make sure you are selling yourself to the very best of your ability, not only through your CV but through a portfolio too. It’s not all bad though. That’s what we are here for, to help you make sure you show just how great you are! 
Here are my top 5 tips in securing you a great first role:
1. You’re a creative, so be creative. Whether that is through typography, layout or illustration, make sure you stand out.
2. Don’t make it too wordy. No one reads a CV for that long so grab them in short, snappy sentences.
3. Showcase between 5 and 8 projects in your portfolio, but make sure they are projects you are proud of so you can speak passionately about them.
4. Grammar and punctuation is key. Re-read re-read re-read!
5. Keep is simple and don’t over populate the page. Think clean and simple design.
If you keep to these 5 top tips in mind for when you are putting together your CV and portfolio you won’t go wrong. Be confident in your ability as designer and shout about how great you are!
For more information and further tips download our Graduates tips & tactics.


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