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AI is the way forward

Posted: August 22, 2018

AI (artificial intelligence) is intelligence demonstrated by machines as opposed to natural intelligence by humans. AI systems will demonstrate some of the following behaviours that would otherwise be carried out by a human; learning, reasoning, planning, motion, knowledge and perception. These are all behaviours we would associate with the human mind. As this has evolved it even includes social interaction and creativity.

AI is used for many things, but what we most associate it with is recommendations as to what you should buy next when you are online shopping, or what you might be interested in. 

As consumers we may be completely baffled by AI, sometimes nervous and feel as though we are being followed, but at the same time intrigued as to how it all works. On the flip side AI means that we are receiving relevant information and being targeted with the right kind of marketing.

AI is a marketers dream. Marketing AI is said to be transforming content marketing across both B2B and B2C industries. Many companies may struggle to create enough content consistently especially if they have small marketing teams and don’t have a focused content marketer who does this as part of their daily job. Generally marketing automation can save time and increase productivity and so ultimately drive performance. However when you add AI this adds another layer to the mix. Suddenly now these platforms can analyse data, make recommendations, predict outcomes and create content that you would only expect from a human.

For many of us AI can cause slight unease and the thought ‘but how does it know that?’ But for marketers AI is a thing of dreams.

What do you think? Is AI the way forward, or is it going too far? 


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