We all know the name. We recognise the infamous swoosh whenever we see it. We know the motto and use it more than we think.

Just Do It.

Nike is the world’s leader in manufacturing and supplying athletic wear and sporting equipment. I for one love Nike. Most of my gym kit is Nike and I own four pairs of Nike trainers (there is always room for more!)

Nike are not only a leading brand but they are also among the top users of influencer marketing. Nike hits influencer marketing from all angles, working with celebrities and social media influencers to gain maximum exposure and running many campaigns based around this.

Last week I discussed what influencer marketing is and next week I will be looking at the positives and negatives. This week I wanted to look at an example of influencer marketing. I have chosen Nike not only because I love them (did I mention that?) but also because they recently took the top prize and were the first receiver of the Social and Influencer category at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The jury were said to be looking at brands who were not only talking about what they wanted to do, but also taking action.

Nike's ‘Nothing Like a Londoner’ campaign (very recently removed due to trademark challenges) puts focus on London athletes but not only professionals, also amateurs of all kinds, including schools. This ad campaign was designed to show that although it’s tough sometimes, they still do it, they still train. They find a way.

I personally think that this shows influencer marketing at its best. Not only are we seeing professional athletes who people follow and aspire to be like, we are also seeing ‘normal’ people who are no different from ourselves. This allows a real connection on a level that matters. 

Nike not only have influencers sharing their brand but they are able to build captivating stories from all kinds of people. This is what we want to see. Don’t get me wrong I love to see professionals like Mo Farah involved as it shows the scope and reach of the brand, but what I love even more is seeing regular people. I know that I will never be Mo Farah but their ‘This Girl Can’ campaign shows everyday women taking on sports. I loved to see women of all kinds getting involved and it connects with women everywhere, whatever shape and size, age and background. Nikes influencer marketing is inclusive and shows that actually ‘I Can’.

I look forward to seeing the next influencer campaigns from Nike over the years to come.


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