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Life as a PR unicorn

Posted: July 27, 2018

It is no secret that opportunities for PR candidates are plentiful, yet finding great PR’s is a tricky task. Red hot PR’s are certainly in demand.

Being a PR candidate in this candidate scarce period is a good place to be, but with so many options to consider, it can make your job search a daunting process. Candidates ask me on a daily basis, where do I start? Here’s what I tell them…

Too many people make the mistake of approaching every recruiter under the sun and blanket sending their CV to every agency/company in the region. You are hot property so play it cool! You don’t want to be the name everyone is talking about because your CV has landed in their inbox three times.

Us good recruiters know our stuff and we will take the time to know you, meaning we can honestly advise on the best options for you based on our extensive knowledge of our market place. Above all, good recruiters are heard by the right industry people. We can make you visible instantly, much better than being another CV left to go stagnant in the gate keeper’s inbox right?

Given the candidate shortage in combination with the constant flurry of new opportunities, candidates are faced with choices. This is great for you and means you can weigh up your options carefully, and absolutely you should. However, too often I witness candidates evolve from a lovely enthusiastic PR into, frankly, a total diva rivalling the hangry football team on the Snickers advert. Whilst your talent is needed, it will not be begged for. Don’t rule yourself out of process because you were playing the field. Stay real, stay true.

It’s the perfect time for PR’s to be landing their next dream career move.

Play it cool, talk to me and keep it real.


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