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first stage interview process, who is interviewing who?

Posted: October 15, 2018

This seems like a daft question. Presumably if a candidate is attending an interview it’s because they are totally invested in the company and passionately want the job in question, leaving the ball very much in the clients court right? Wrong.

Whilst I’m sure candidates are invested in the opportunity, in today’s market this may be, and probably is, one of multiple exciting options they are considering. A red hot candidate averages three first stage interviews at three different companies. Meaning two companies are left disappointed, and sadly for clients today, gone are the days of dominating the ownership of that ball. So how do clients need to be responding to this?

Interview and be interviewed! Treat the meeting as a mutual opportunity for each party to sell themselves. Take this opportunity to pitch your company to candidates and shout about what you do that sets you aside from your competition. Throw the ball to the candidate and allow them to give you a grilling too.

I ask the candidates out there who have recently been through the process - what is your memory of the interview process with your chosen employer and what set them aside from the comp? What are your thoughts?


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