It wasn’t that long ago that the thought of turning up to an interview brandishing some form of body decoration, be it a tattoo or piercing, was a big no for fear of being immediately rejected. Hiring attitudes are shifting however, but if you are still in the mindset that they don’t belong in the workplace you may want to reconsider, as you could be missing out on some of the best talent around.

Everyone knows that image plays a role in the hiring process, most commonly with how a candidate arrives dressed for an interview, and a recent LinkedIn survey among recruiters and hiring managers found that 88% of those claimed that having a tattoo could limit someone’s career progression, with a staggering 41% admitting to rejecting a candidate purely because they had a visible tattoo.

Attitudes are changing though, with discrimination against body decoration decreasing over the last five years, and with an estimated 1 in 5 UK adults having a tattoo, rejecting someone based on some form of body decoration is going to reduce your prospective candidate pool, especially within the creative industry.

A quick headcount of blueskies employees has found that nearly half of our workforce has a tattoo. We don’t discriminate on appearance here. If a person can do the job the artwork they choose to have on their body won’t get in the way of their career progression. Take a look at your hiring practices and establish whether you could be rejecting some of the best talent out there based on their appearance, and ultimately sending them the way of your more relaxed competitors.


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