Leaving the bubble of university life is undoubtedly difficult for anyone. The thought of finding a career right for you can make this even more daunting. After hours of research, you find what’s right for you, but the role requires industry experience; and with one simple swoop, the job hunt starts again. 

I was fortunate that blueskies were willing to train me, a graduate fresh out of university with very little clue about what I wanted to do. With no idea on how my skills could be transferred into the workplace (something University, worryingly, does not always teach). However, not all employers are as accommodating, or as willing, as mine. Therefore, some sort of experience in the industry becomes a pre-requisite. 

Something I have already realised in my short time at blueskies is the importance for Junior Creatives to have some sort of internship or work experience alongside their Higher Education. Something that both sets them apart from other graduates, but also shows their innate desire to design and be immersed in the industry. This can be easier said than done, especially when companies might not offer paid internships. If you’re a graduate in need of some guidance, we have some tips that might be of help. 

Should companies be more prepared to consider graduates who have the talent, but are lacking that industry experience? What are your thoughts?



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