James Warfield, Group Creative Director at Unidays published a post the other day which resonated with me (a lot).

Although he focused on the creative culture that he has built within his own team over many years, what he said can be applied to all working environments and certainly ours.

It’s something blueskies is really focusing on at the moment. Ensuring we constantly adopt a culture where our team is able to perform at its best. Providing the right tools and environment for our consultants to enable them to offer the best possible service to our clients and candidates. 

This is why we’ve been busy over the past few months, re-focusing. Looking at our mission statement, reminding us what we set out to do some 20 years ago and making sure it is living and breathing in every one of us.

Challenging the status quo of what our client and candidates have come to expect from recruiters and pledging to deliver a service that is transparent, collaborative and imparts knowledge. Not just with our clients and candidates, but with ourselves too.

If you’re looking to join a recruitment agency that genuinely cares about its employees, actually offers a great work/life balance (not just a phrase that is banded around and never applied). Or if you’re a client or candidate fed up with the service you’re getting from your current recruitment partner. Give us a call. Let us show you, we mean what we say.

We will challenge the status quo!


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