Having specialised in recruiting across the Not for Profit sector for nearly 8 years now, I have seen an increasing need for commercial marketers as the industry shifts and becomes more competitive.

My clients are typically charities fighting for their share of the charity wallet, with funding being squeezed more than ever; educational institutions competing for student enrolment or membership organisations focussed on the retention and acquisition of members, as well as promoting their products and services, so it makes sense that they’ll benefit from commercially savvy marketing talent with both B2B and consumer focussed experience.

So how easy is it to make the transition from commercial to not for profit?

It has its challenges. Whilst we all know that marketing skills are transferable; with this move, the key factor is how to manage the cultural shift. Adapting to a new sector is always a learning curve, but the move to public sector, not for profit or charity is also littered with other challenges, often politically influenced. The third sector is not for the faint hearted but it does come with huge rewards if not huge marketing budgets!

If you’re considering a move over to the Public Sector and want to chat through your options, please get in touch.


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