It is a great time to be in marketing, according to a recent Glassdoor report. The report revealed the top 25 jobs in the UK for 2019 based upon; earning potential, job satisfaction and number of jobs available in the market. 

A third of the list were marketing, sales or creative titles, which in turn made up a quarter of the jobs available recorded by Glassdoor. This is great to see, but no surprise to us. We experienced a strong start to 2019 with a high volume of jobs and candidates on the market.  We are expecting this to continue despite the threat of Brexit reducing confidence in some organisations.  

Marketing remains an excellent career choice, its rare we see a candidate looking to migrate away entirely. The rise in digital, ecommerce and CRM roles are providing marketers plenty of opportunity to develop skills and sought after specialisms. It's expected for marketers to move every three – five years, which is reflected in the amount of job openings recorded by Glassdoor. Speaking to our candidates about this, the most common reasons cited are progression, new challenge and change of circumstances.

The average salary levels made interesting reading with most of the marketing salaries being above £40,000. We’ve seen salaries stabilise, recovering from the economic dip but not increasing much over the past couple of years. However, there is an increase in organisations offering flexibility and enhanced benefits. Strangely, the average salaries for web and front-end developers are below that of their marketing colleagues. I think this will change, over the next few years as demand and individual experience grows, we will see an increase on remuneration for specialist skills.

Still very much a career of choice, we are seeing a steady flow of high-quality graduates and school leavers looking for entry level jobs. Although there are no entry level roles on this list, they are out there. Our advice remains to get as much work experience as possible, keep connected to your recruitment consultants and be patient.

Finally, I was very interested that recruiter was ranked number 23 (starkly different to a piece I read last week which had recruiters marked as one of the worse professions to work in!) It’s refreshing to see recruitment being recognise as a bona fide career. The industry is changing, recruiters are finally able to shake off the ‘car salesmen’ persona that we have been burdened with for decades. Job satisfaction comes from being people focussed and authentically helping both clients and candidates. Packages remain modest (compared to the roles we recruit for) but the perks and flexibility often make up for it! 

As a specialist recruiter, focused on b2c marketing, PR and digital roles, I am delighted to see the roles I work on feature so heavily on this list. I’m also pleased to see the quote from Amanda Stansel, Glassdoor Economic Research Analyst regarding a ‘healthy job market’. Its reassuring to see positivity from such a major job board and just goes to show, despite Brexit, Donald Trump, the weather and all other media scaremongering, for those in the know, things are not nearly as bad. 


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