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Posted: February 19, 2019

As a recruiter I naturally spend a significant amount of my day talking to my candidates at length about their job roles, what they do now and what they are looking for. Once we are working together, we build a strong relationship based on trust and understanding. But earlier today I really thought about the candidates out there who have not worked with a recruiter before. Or worse, the candidates out there who have had a bad experience with a recruiter in the past.

Making your next career move is a hugely important step and unless you fully understand the value in working with a recruiter, why would you contact me when you are looking? So, here I would like to mix things up and tell you the key aspects of my role as a PR and Social Media recruitment consultant.

Support throughout the process
An enormous part of my role is working closely with candidates throughout their whole job search journey. From first conversations and meetings at the start of your journey, working with you to adjust your CV, helping you to compile a strong portfolio, selling you in to key decision makers, setting up interviews and meeting you to help with your preparation, right through to handling offers and supporting through the dreaded task of handing in your notice, I am here by your side every step of the way. And through that process… we get to know each other pretty well. 

Sector Knowledge is Key
One of the most important things to me as a specialist recruiter is to know my market inside and out. I put in a lot of hours to ensure my knowledge of the PR & social media agency scene around the Midlands is accurate and informed. I meet clients to take briefs, I have spent days on site with clients to see their working day in action, I take time talking through candidates portfolios and examples to fully bring their role to life and I pride myself on keeping my knowledge of PR and social media current and extensive. I almost feel like in another life I could have been a PR myself 

Relationship Building is Essential
Arguably this is the most important part of my role. With clients and candidates alike, I am incredibly passionate about building a relationship so that I genuinely understand you as people! I need to know what will work for you in terms of team fit, work place culture and other aspects that are important to you so that I can advise on who and where will be your dream fit. As such, a huge amount of my time is spent meeting clients and candidates and without a doubt, this is my favourite part of my day job. You lot are awesome!

Proactivity all day long
My industry requires upmost proactivity. It is a fast-paced market and I will work with speed and efficiency with new killer candidates. This means doing more than just filling you in on current roles I am recruiting for, but also sharing my knowledge to discuss the best agencies that will fit your preferences and subsequently utilising my relationships with clients to get you in front of the right decision makers. Often my clients will be willing to meet with candidates that I truly believe in, rather than miss out on a perfect new team addition.

You’ve got a friend in me
Ultimately, as your recruiter I automatically become your number one ambassador. I will back you to the hilts and work tirelessly and proactively to do everything in my power to assist you to the best of my ability. And this is potentially the most rewarding part of my day job. I am blessed to work in a role whereby I get to support talented PR/social media candidates day after day. And when that ends with a fabulous offer with your dream employer, nothing beats the feeling of making that call.

So, there is a little insight into a day as a blueskies recruitment consultant. If you weren’t convinced about us recruiters before… maybe you’ll reconsider. I look forward to working with you!


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