Have you ever asked yourself this when considering your career? Our answer is always yes, of course you are! Some may say that not everyone is, however we think that is short-sighted and so do our clients.

Creativity comes in many different forms I caught up with Lisa Jolly, Director at Liberty PR asking, what does creativity mean to you?
“Creativity is about finding solutions that fit the problem at hand, not just repeating something that worked before.”
Ah-ha I hear you say, that sounds like problem solving, isn’t that a logical left side of the brain activity? Not simply repeating something that worked before – you could perhaps say that would be innovative? So, let me ask you again, are you creative? Have you ever solved a problem? Can you be innovative?

Speaking to Nick Honey, Owner of Together Agency he confirmed;
“Creativity is not just for creatives, it cuts through every aspect of Together. For example, when developing communication strategies we're creative as we look at new ways to steal a march on the market; we're creative in the way we search for patterns and insights from data, in social media for example; we're creative in the way our account teams make budgets sweat, the smaller the budget, the more creative we need to be; and there's even a creative dimension to web development."
This is a lot to consider, creativity in data and budgets! It just goes to show that creative thinking comes in many different shapes and sizes and it certainly isn’t the reserve of artists and designers.
However, is creativity important when hiring? Lisa answered that one...
“Yes absolutely, having someone who is able to input new, fresh ideas is crucial. The easiest way to get fired by the client is to bore them! Creative ideas and new ways of thinking are hugely important to keeping clients happy!”

Nick Honey goes on to explain what creativity looks like;
“Firstly, you've got to be a good listener - understand the current situation. Why it works. Why it doesn't. Ask questions. Lots of them.  I've always thought that strength in creativity is more evident by the questions that you ask, than the answers you provide. Ask the wrong question and you'll never find the right answer. Ask the right question and you're most of the way there to changing things for the better.”
Our candidates are all individuals with many different preferences, we have many candidates that work best in logical structured environments. Just because you prefer a process does that mean you cannot be creative? 
Nick had a fantastic perspective on this;
“You need some strong frameworks in place. This may sound counter-intuitive as the term 'framework' suggests confinement, boundaries and restrictions. But that's not how it works at Together. A robust framework (or processes) actually free you to think more creatively, because you know you'll always be rooted in the core of what you're trying to achieve.”

To us creativity simply means – thinking differently. Whether you’re a client or candidate thinking differently to your competitors gives you the edge! You need an edge – but don’t panic, because everyone has one!
We would never ask you to be anything you are not. We will always encourage you to be authentic and challenge you to demonstrate your own version of creativity. As you can see creativity isn’t just for designers, it’s for everyone!


It is true that anyone regardless of profession or experience can come up with an idea at some point. However the thing that defines a true 'creative' is that we have to come up with ideas 'ON DEMAND', therein lies the difference and defines what a 'creative' actually is.
Posted on March 28, 2019 by Kevin Neilson

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