It’s your first week in a new job, you turn up early, armed with a box of doughnuts and a smile – then what? How can you make sure your first week is a success? How can you onboard yourself with style!?

Five short weeks ago I started my new job at blueskies, I was nervous, but I am pleased to say things have gone brilliantly. In that time, I have been working with candidates also starting their new roles and it made me wonder; what are the top five things you can do to make the most out of the first week.

  1. Be nosy - one of my personality traits is to know as much as humanly possible, I’m a question asker, a self-confessed nosy parker! In my first few weeks I’ve found myself constantly asking “can I pick your brains about something?” I arranged meetings with most of the blueskies team, so I got to grips with what everyone did but also got the chance to get to know the individuals behind the desk.
  2. Listen – take every opportunity to listen-in to everyday activities. It’s been easy here at blueskies because I could tag along to client and candidate meetings and the culture is very open. Never be afraid to ask to be included, the worst they can say is no, however in that case at least you are showing initiative.
  3. Get a good notepad – with points one and two above, a notepad has been critical! I’m not sure I’ve ever written so much in my life! It’s helpful to give yourself time to read through your notes too. I even found myself noting down things that my team mates told me about themselves… there are only so many dog and kids names you can hold.
  4. Be friendly – this might go without saying and probably should be at number one! A smile is one of the most important tools in your new job tool box. Show interest in your new team mates and take part in team activities, lunches and after work drinks. It will enable trust to develop and show that you are genuine. 
  5. Social media savvy – when researching blueskies I quickly realised reading the ‘about us’ section of the website is only going to get me so far. I committed time to read and follow the social media pages, looking at the published content and comments from the team. This gave me a real feel for the culture and what life would be like in the office. As I was meeting with my new colleagues I connected with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

It is also worth remembering that getting a new member of the team is a major change, everyone will be experiencing different emotions and to some it maybe unnerving. You can’t control everyone else’s reactions, but you can control yours. So, take it steady and be kind to yourself!! Feeling at home may take time and no one expects you to be an expert but being polite and respectful will go a long way!

I am still learning, still building and maintaining strong, long lasting relationships. I mean it’s not like blueskies are the new kids on the block, I’m lucky to work for a company that’s full of experts! And let’s just say in my first few weeks I’ve taken full advantage of that.

I am really enjoying being a specialist recruiter, I like to really dig deep and know my industry, clients and candidates. Working collaboratively with our clients and candidates, we really can deliver the best possible service. We understand not one size fits all! Each company, agency and candidate is different and it’s so important to get that perfect match.



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