The first few weeks are a very important time for your new employee and the team they have been hired into. Organisations invest time and resources in the recruitment process however sometimes fail to commit to a proper induction program.
I recently joined the marketing recruitment team at blueskies, the first few weeks have been a blur however I have felt comfortable and in control which has resulted in me being able to hit the ground running.
Based upon my recent experience and our candidate's feedback on the subject, I’ve taken the opportunity to create a check list and an onboarding template to help you provide the best possible onboarding experience.
  1. Make sure all devices and equipment are set up and ready to go from day one. Your new starter will want to hit the ground running and will get frustrated quickly if they cannot get started because their laptop hasn’t arrived yet.
  2. Create an induction plan for the first few weeks. Staggering the learning in a calendared format will put your mind at rest that the right information is delivered but avoids overloading your new employee.
  3. Provide opportunity for your new starter to get to know their new team members. Our candidates recommend doing this formally and informally, perhaps a combination of lunches and meetings. This helps them get to know the individual's behind the job titles! 
  4. Spend time creating an induction pack that can be re-used for all your new starters. Document common processes and include relevant instruction manuals. Our candidates re-iterated how helpful people directories and org charts are for matching faces to names and job titles.
  5. Connect your new starter to an experienced buddy to help answer everyday questions such as parking, lunch, holiday booking etc. This does two things; provides another source of support for the new employee but also puts some responsibility on the new team to help induct their new colleague. 
Successful onboarding grows trust and mutual respect that is vital to a strong employee – employer relationship. I have had a fantastic start here at blueskies, the team have made me feel welcome and it has taken no time at all for me to feel ready to get stuck into work.
Speaking to our candidates on the subject it’s obvious that not every organisation gets it right but when they do it is really appreciated. 
If you would like more information about onboarding you can visit our client resources and download our onboarding template.  


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